Regulations on Payment and Shipping of VNLASHES

VNLASHES is a manufacturer of false eyelashes in Vietnam, located at: Sub-quarter 11, Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau District, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam. All false eyelash products are made in Vietnam, so we have the following payment and shipping policies.

Shipping Policy Reegulations

After your order is completed we ship to you in 2 ways:

– Air transportation:

+ False eyelash products are light in weight, so the form of air transportation is chosen by many customers because of its flexibility and speed.
+ Advantages: Worldwide shipping takes only 5 to 7 working days for professional shipping company such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TXT, ..
Fast shipping saves customers from needing too much time and inventory. Avoid long-term inventory of goods, leading to excess damage and high costs for warehouse space.
+ Disadvantages of air freight: Shipping costs will usually be about 3 times higher than sea freight.
+ If your order quantity is not large, the choice of air freight is appropriate.

– Shipping by sea:

The sea shipping will be used for bulk eyelash transportation which will save and optimize shipping costs.
+ Advantages: Low transportation cost, only about 1/3 of the cost compared to air transportation,
+ Cons: Shipping time is longer about 45 – 50 working days. For eyelash products that are prone to damage and cargo risks.

Payment Regulations:

– Quantity orders less than 1000 boxes:

  + Customers please pay 100% of the order price before production, make sure you receive the goods guarantee package.
  + Commodity guarantee package: eyelashes are produced according to the requirements in terms of quantity, curvature, and length of the product. If by mistake we produce the wrong order, we will be responsible for the extra production of your order.

– Bulk orders over 1000 boxes:

  + Customers pay 50% of the order value, when the order is completed we will send documents proving that the order has been successfully produced. The payment before delivery to the carrier.
+ In addition to customers receiving the best price, we also have a preferential price package for loyal customers.

Please contact us for advice on the best shipping cost and easy payment.